Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Humbug Exchange

Hello stitching friends,

I received a parcel with the a pretty humbug yesterday from Mary Jo for the Tine Treasure Exchange we participated in.

Thanks Mary Jo it is gorgeous, also a big thanks for the goodies you have sent with, you are very kind.

And of course Mrs Paisley could not resist to come and see what have arrived.. and it so cute and will be so nice to play with..

I have also completed my humbug, it is the first time I have attempted this funny shape and had no pattern for it - this was really challenging. Well it turned out so nice that I almost could not part with it. I would love to show it to you but my partner have not received it yet and it have to wait..

We have the most gorgeous summer days here in Cape Town. We spend most late afternoons with a picnic dinner and chilled bottle of wine on the beach with the kids and the dog. Aren’t we fortunate and so Blessed.

Have a happy stitching day,

Hugs Ronel

.. so little time to post and so much to share ..

Shoe, this is the craziest time of the year! Although you should think things are winding down for the festive season – it just seems to get more busy. So busy that I don’t even get time to post here.

I have so much to share and where do I start….?

I will start where I ended my last post and that was the exchange with Lucy. Here is the needle book Lucy stitched for me. She stitched a pretty black work design and finished it with blue fabric and ribbon. Isn’t it beautiful? Thanks Lucy for this quite needle book and the fabulous goodies you have sent with. I really appreciate it.

Carol posted that she have received the ornament I have stitched for her in the Friend Through Threads exchange arranged by Cathy. The pattern is from one of the wonderful cross stitch ornament magazines I received from Cathy this year. I decided to stitch this design in cobalt blue, using Rajmahal thread, I changed the pattern slightly and added some additional mill hill beads for extra sparkle. I also stitch Carol a matching bag for her ornament.

I am bit pressed for time here and will post more tomorrow.

Have a happy day.



Monday, November 9, 2009

Rainy Monday update..

Happy Monday to you!

We had lost and lots of rain lately, strange for this time if the year as the cold fronts move past us more south and have less of an influence on our warm summer weather. For this time of the year what normally looks like this:-

Looked like this since Thursday last week :-( So no fun to be had on my scooter at the annual Cape Town Scooter Rally this weekend. It was a real disappointment! And some more rain is forecasted for the rest of the week as yet another cold front is moving in:-(

..and I must show you this photo, even he felt cold and miserable (this photo have been taken above University of Cape Town Campus against Table Mountain.

Lynn posted that she have received the parcel I have sent here. Now I can show you the ATC (Artist Trading Card) I have stitched for her birthday:-

Happy stitching, till next time.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Exchange with Lucy

I have met this sweet friend through blogging, you may have come across her blog : Lucy – Made By Me. Lucy sent very generously me some patterns, that I so much have appreciated and also invited me to do a personal exchange with her.

I received an email form Lucy to let me know that her parcel arrived today – so now I can show you what I have stitched for her. I stitched her this cute freebie pattern one over one on cream Irish linen and finished it in a needle book (as she did not have one). I have also stitched her a matching scissor fob, that is too cute!
Lucy, I am so glad you like what I have stitched for you, I am looking forward to your parcel.

So, it is Friday again! Yeaaa! I have lots of stitching and finishing planed for this weekend and this:-

Yes, this is the biggest scooter get together in South Africa. Sounds like great fun and I’m sooo looking forward to it! I will show some picks next week.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Collection of Smalls....

Here is what I have stitched for Cathy in our exchange:-

I thought I will stitch Cathy something special in silk ribbon. I have designed the patterns of each of the pieces myself as I wanted to duplicate little roses and blue flowers in the stitching as it is on the finishing fabric. I thought it turned out rather nicely :) :)

I have also sent Cathy a book recently published by a South African designer:- Via Laurie. Via specialize in various forms of embroidery. She also have a wonderful thread range called Chameleon Threads. In this specific publication she have a beautiful hardanger pattern that I think Cathy will enjoy stitching. I have sent her the threads for the project and hope she love the colours. If you are interested in Via Laurie or Chameleon threads you can see more or order here:-

Till next time, happy stitching dear friends!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exchange from Cathy


I have received an email last week Wednesday from Cathy that she received the exchange I have stitched for her and on the same day her parcel arrived here! This is our second personal exchange this year. Cathy is a skilled and talented stitcher, you can se some of Cathy’s beautiful work here.

I received this stunning hardanger needle book, scissor fob and scissors from Cathy. Isn’t it beautiful? The stitches, colours and finishing is so perfect! Cathy also sent me some cross stitch magazines, some beautiful cross stitch fabric and other stitching goodies. Cathy also included a stumpwork kit that I cannot wait to stitch!

Thank you so much Cathy the needle book scissors and fob are treasured gifts! You are a dear stitching friend!

Please visit Nina’s blog (another very talented stitcher) she is having a Christmas give away that ends 30 November if you would like to participate.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a happy stitching day!

{{HugS}} Ronel