Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Collection of Smalls....

Here is what I have stitched for Cathy in our exchange:-

I thought I will stitch Cathy something special in silk ribbon. I have designed the patterns of each of the pieces myself as I wanted to duplicate little roses and blue flowers in the stitching as it is on the finishing fabric. I thought it turned out rather nicely :) :)

I have also sent Cathy a book recently published by a South African designer:- Via Laurie. Via specialize in various forms of embroidery. She also have a wonderful thread range called Chameleon Threads. In this specific publication she have a beautiful hardanger pattern that I think Cathy will enjoy stitching. I have sent her the threads for the project and hope she love the colours. If you are interested in Via Laurie or Chameleon threads you can see more or order here:-

Till next time, happy stitching dear friends!