Wednesday, November 25, 2009

.. so little time to post and so much to share ..

Shoe, this is the craziest time of the year! Although you should think things are winding down for the festive season – it just seems to get more busy. So busy that I don’t even get time to post here.

I have so much to share and where do I start….?

I will start where I ended my last post and that was the exchange with Lucy. Here is the needle book Lucy stitched for me. She stitched a pretty black work design and finished it with blue fabric and ribbon. Isn’t it beautiful? Thanks Lucy for this quite needle book and the fabulous goodies you have sent with. I really appreciate it.

Carol posted that she have received the ornament I have stitched for her in the Friend Through Threads exchange arranged by Cathy. The pattern is from one of the wonderful cross stitch ornament magazines I received from Cathy this year. I decided to stitch this design in cobalt blue, using Rajmahal thread, I changed the pattern slightly and added some additional mill hill beads for extra sparkle. I also stitch Carol a matching bag for her ornament.

I am bit pressed for time here and will post more tomorrow.

Have a happy day.




Lula said...

I loved stitching for you Ronel x

Michelle said...

Ronel, your Christmas ornament is stunning!

Cole said...

Wow, what a gorgeous ornament!

Zinaida said...

Ronel, your ornament is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching and finishing on all! Wonderful exchanges.

Lynn B said...

This is absolutely beautiful, as always and the needle book from Lucy is very pretty too.