Monday, November 9, 2009

Rainy Monday update..

Happy Monday to you!

We had lost and lots of rain lately, strange for this time if the year as the cold fronts move past us more south and have less of an influence on our warm summer weather. For this time of the year what normally looks like this:-

Looked like this since Thursday last week :-( So no fun to be had on my scooter at the annual Cape Town Scooter Rally this weekend. It was a real disappointment! And some more rain is forecasted for the rest of the week as yet another cold front is moving in:-(

..and I must show you this photo, even he felt cold and miserable (this photo have been taken above University of Cape Town Campus against Table Mountain.

Lynn posted that she have received the parcel I have sent here. Now I can show you the ATC (Artist Trading Card) I have stitched for her birthday:-

Happy stitching, till next time.



Janet C said...

The card is very lovely!

Bev said...

where i live it always looks like the rainy pictures, it might be sunny one week a year but we are high up on the moors where i live so its always bloody windy.(although when it snows in the towns they can have an inch we have a foot and they get two inch we get two foot and then it drifts because of the wind so they close the schools and i get a day off work to stitch) roll on snowy weather!